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In Ayurvedic medicine, we are entering into a cycle of Vata, which is drying, dynamic, fast moving, airy, windy, intense, impulsive and ungrounded.

These attributes offer us an opportunity to feel into where we are not fully showing up in our lives, such as where we might be lacking commitment to ourselves, and what really matters to us as individuals, without societal expectations, judgement from others or validation from outside.

It is a courageous person who chooses to step out of the lines, express what they want to offer to themselves and the world, and are willing to take the risk of not needing to know how that will manifest, but trusting that they will be guided.

On Friday, we will be in alignment with the Autumn Equinox, a time when we are saying yes to the inevitable journey inwards, becoming more introspective and as we ready for the pending Winter.  

What is nature doing right now?  It is readying itself for the long journey inwards, into a more authentic reality, where you can truly discover what makes you tick, so to say.  What inspires you and makes time stop?!  Does it matter to you to know?  You have an opportunity to co-create your reality.  How cool is that?!!

Please pause and take the opportunity to ask yourself what you would choose to be doing with your time, energy and resources, if money was not an issue.  Really allow yourself the space and time to Feel into it, and from that space, something precious and magical happens - your request is being received by the Universe.  And now the journey in living consciously really begins, as you witness synchronicities and gifts all around you, supporting and aligning you for your ultimate purpose here on this planet.  Ask yourself, do you really believe you are here to get



















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