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For those of you who would like to get certify in this type of training or for those that need this type of certification due to their line of duty, then this course is for you.

What You Will Learn

CSAP will teach you how to avoid dangerous encounters. Unfortunately, all dangerous encounters cannot be avoided; so CSAP will also teach you:

• Safety Awareness Tips

• How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray

• Verbal Commands and Presence

• Training Drills with Inert Training Sprays

• Post Deployment Advice

• Simple Self Defense Techniques

Become proficient and accurate when using your SABRE pepper spray by deploying Water Filled, Inert Practice Sprays at Static Targets. Advance your skills by deploying the Practice Spray at your instructor during a simulated attack! BE SMARTBE READY BE SAFE!


What You Will Receive:

CSAP students will be exposed to three (3) hours of Safety Awareness Information, Tips, Skills and Techniques within an intimate and fun atmosphere. Class sizes will be relatively small allowing your instructor to critique your performance and provide important feedback. Each student will receive:

• SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Manual

• 3 SABRE Water Filled, Inert Practice Canisters

• SABRE Defense Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

• Survivor Skills for Smart Living

• Certificate of Completion

If you would like to receive more information, or have interest in attend, or host one of this course, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience.

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"Firearms Training At It's Best"

CSAP - Pepper Spray CertificationTraining

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NRA Pepper Spray Keychain

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