Woof Pack Pet Services - August Newsletter

We have a new addition to the pack! Meet  sweet Ajax!

We have had a big hole in  our hearts since Angus left us in April and although he will never be replaced, we felt it was time to give another dog the chance to have a loving home. We took Lily down to Collie Rescue of the Carolinas, where we got her in 2010, to pick out her new brother, but he really picked us. Ajax is a 1.5 year old, double dilute Blue Merle collie. He is a great addition to our family. He loves toys and everyone he meets! We love him very much and you are sure to be seeing him around Woof Pack Headquarters!

We had a blast in this last round of group classes of Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience. We had some really bright students and I am very proud of their hard work! Congratulations to Guinness and Beemer for winning the musical sits game! We have a new round of both classes coming up. Check out our schedule!

Woof Pack 

Summer Class Schedule:

Watauga Humane Society


August 14th - September 18th

6:00 pm - Puppy Kindergarten

7:00 pm - Basic Obedience

Reserve your space online at


We also have several new faces in the daycare program, check out our Daycare page to see all the happy faces!


Here is the link to latest recall information regarding Pedigree Canned Food


Fence Escaping Dogs 
By Ann Allums - 10/21/2008 

Houdini came by his name honestly—he repeatedly found a way to escape from his yard, and would frolic around town until caught each time by Animal Control. His person finally got tired of reclaiming Houdini and left him in the shelter. A new family adopted Houdini when he was 4 years old. They were aware of his escape history, but Houdini was a great match for the family’s active lifestyle and good with the kids. The staff at the animal shelter gave Houdini’s new family suggestions to prevent the problem of Houdini escaping.The first step was to restrict Houdini’s time in the yard. Houdini obviously had a well-established habit of escaping; he did it because it worked for him. Chaining a dog is not an option, as that could cause more serious problems, such as uncontrolled barking and fear aggression. Therefore, the first level of intervention with problem behaviors is management through prevention. If Houdini climbs or digs his way out of the yard when left unsupervised, he cannot have unsupervised yard privileges. Houdini found that being in the company of his family inside the house was as rewarding as escaping from the yard.Next, the staff suggested providing more enrichment for him, since Houdini was obviously bored with being left alone in the yard. So, Houdini’s family built him his own digging pit out of the kids’ old sandbox, and buried bones and toys for Houdini to excavate. They also found treat-dispensing toys to be entertaining for Houdini, such as a Treat Ball that dispensed kibble, a hollow bone stuffed with a hot dog, and Kongs stuffed with gooey peanut butter, delicacies which Houdini had to work to get out. Furthermore, since Houdini enjoyed playing with other dogs, the family would invite their friends to bring their sociable dogs for play-dates with him. Most importantly, his family walked him for an hour every morning and took him on other family outings during which Houdini was allowed to see and sniff the world safely. As a result, Houdini’s time in the yard was often spent snoozing in the sun rather than trying to escape.Third, training was suggested to teach Houdini that he will be rewarded for staying in the yard. To do so, the family entered the yard after short intervals and praised Houdini along with awarding him a favorite treat, such as pieces of roast beef, chicken, or cheese. This simple exercise was continued, with the family varying the times between appearances. Houdini began to anticipate his family’s return, and learned to associate the yard with surprise visits and treats, in addition to the fun activities his family provided him.Just in case, Houdini’s family got ideas for fortifying the fence. Often just a light-duty addition provides enough of a visual barrier to be effective, such as an extension of chicken wire at the top of the fence. An inward-facing ledge can also be added to the top of the fence, such as a 2-foot addition at the top, facing inward at 45-degree angle. Another suggestion was to install a rolling piece of PVC at the top of the fence so the dog cannot get a foothold to clear the fence. For diggers, bricks or gravel can be placed around the inside perimeter of the fence. These are items which make it unpleasant for a dog to dig through. However, the staff advised that while a dog may be contained by a high enough fence, the problems of boredom and need for attention still need to be addressed.Still, no matter how appealing the yard became for Houdini, his family understood that there is a limit to the amount of time any dog should be left alone outside. In addition to the enrichment provided, Houdini’s family spent as much time with him in the house and yard as possible—play is good for dogs and people. And, Houdini was no longer a Houdini!

August Pet of the Month - Miss Pitty Pat

Miss Pitty Pat is our pet of the Month! You may remember her from previous newsletters because I was fostering her to help teach her socialization and sign language because she is deaf. She has found a great home and really excelled in group class. I am very proud  of this little girl and of her parents Kevin and Brittany for all of their hard work and dedication to Miss Pitty Pat. 

We will be holding our next AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation on Wednesday 8/15 at the American Legion in Blowing Rock., beginning at 6 pm. Please let me know if you are interested in testing so I can reserve your space. 


New Graduates!

Blue Genes - Best Sit Stay

Daisy - Best Attention

Guinness - Best Down

Cosie - Miss Congeniality 

Blu - Best Come

Deebo - Mr. Congeniality

Miss Pitty Pat - Best Come

Beemer - Best  Leash Walking

Cookie - Best Sit Stay

I would like to congratulate   our Treibball Class on their success. Kelley and Merle and Mary and Shug both mastered Intermediate levels of Treibball skills even though it was just a beginners class. Check out this video of them in action!

We would like to welcome our new guests Brandi and Oliver, Hobo, Ziva and Zoey, Flea and Figaro, Laurel, Remy and Oliver, Mocha, Maggie, Neo, Lucy, Allie and Soni, Teddy and Bandit, Boo, Bear, Bella, Mercy, Gini, Bosco, and Nadia. 

For more information about all of the services we offer, please visit www.woof-pack.net
Thanks to each and every one of you. We couldn't love what we do more!The Team at Woof Pack

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