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Thank you for  all your support at My Sisters Closet!  I have added a monthly newsletter  which will be a bit different from my usual, what do you think? It will be great because here I can post your coupons, discounts, links and other fun clicks to make things easier for shopping with us. 

Next month we have a contest in the works that will  go something like this (more details to come): for every $10 you spend in one of our stores, your name will go into a drawing for one of 3 beautiful coats (which will be on display in a rotating manner with both locations) 1st place, 1st pick, 2nd place, 2nd pick and so on ~ all three coats will be different styles and sizes.  Plus we will have ongoing sales racks with great merchandise to choose from.

Don't forget that our Valley Springs store ONLY will be changing the payout policy effective August 1st, 2011..Payouts will only be authorized on Fridays, but store credit will be given out Tues through Sat which you can add to your sale that day OR checks can be mailed out to those of you who cannot get in on a Friday. I do apologize for this new change and I am trying to accommodate in every way possible to make this transition easier for you.. 

 Sutter Creek Sister Store 

70 Main Street/Downtown Sutter Creek


If you haven't had a chance to stop by and meet Bonnie, please do soon because our downtown Sutter Creek store is full of exciting merchandise that is brought into us daily and goes out just as fast!  This store tends to carry more of our fancier jewelry, handbags and clothing!  Sutter Creek also has fun and exciting events that go on monthly, don't miss out!


(42 Hwy 26, Downtown Valley Springs 772-1504)

Customer of the Month

In every monthly newsletter,starting September 1st, we will be featuring a customer of the month. This will allow you to see how other customers are shopping our stores. In addition, it will help you feel confident that you are going to get the service and attention you will need. We are never satisfied until you are  ~ we will gather monthly information to help make our decision with the following; who consigns the most/spends the most and with the most referrals! In return this customer of the month will get 30 days of shopping discounts, priority picks and special treatment from My Sisters Closet.  Adding something a little fun to your shopping experiences!!



Shelley & Bonnie

Take the time to checkout our website for great information, deals and new photos of merchandise (click here).

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