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The summer schedule is ready! 

Writing Program:
Designed for students 5th grade and above

Students will develop mastery of the following essay types:
  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Persuasive 

Working with a writing specialist in small groups of 3-4, students will attend 8, 75-minute sessions, (once/week)

To gain the most benefit from the program, students will be expected to complete 1-2 hours of homework between each session.

Students will be assessed prior to the first session, and after completion of the program utilizing California Writing Rubric.

$400 (This breaks down to $50/ 75 min session. A great deal!)

June 29-August 11
Note: There will be an additional class on Tuesday, July 11th.
Time: TBD

Enroll today here.

Bridge Classes:
Classes cover top math and language arts skills to recap what students learned this year, and prepare them with basic skills for concepts that will be covered next year. These courses are short enough as to not interfere with summer play time, but enough to keep them fresh for next year.  

Working with a teacher in small groups of 5, students will attend 5, 75 minute sessions (once/week)

Session 1
June 26-July 31
Time: TBD based on student grade
Note: There will be no class the week of June 3rd 

Session 2
July 13-August 10
Time: TBD based on student grade


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