VEGGIE FRUIT REVOLUTION JUICE BAR - Liquid Veggies & Fruits  ln Place Of Heavy Meals

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Veggie Collard Wraps served for lunch


















Save 25% 

 Detox drinking Veggie & Fruits in place of Meals


*A three day de fast helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins

* A five day fast may promote the beggining of healing

* A ten day fast may destroy commun illness

* A 30 - 40 day fast has helped thousands f people to get rid of heavy illness



Join us thursdays at 6.30 for

The Anti aging - Anti illness - REJUVENITING PROGRAM

Attendants will be offered

* A Free A Wheat Grass Shot

* Samplying

*A  5 to 10 day detox with veggieFruit liquid food



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