Maintenance that last for MILES - House/Business Ceaning/Maintenance

Dear Customer,

This is YOUR LUCKY DAY! In an effort to ESTABLISH the reputation as an ELITE CLEANING COMPANY that FIRMLY BELIEVES IN: treating people how "YOU" expect to be treated.I'm offering an UNheard house,apartment or CONDOMINIUM CLEANING rate of $20/room with a 4 room minimum AND COMPLIMENTARY  air freshener upon REQUEST(cause of allergies, PERSONAL preference,etc.) as a "show of FAITH that YOUR "SATISFACTION & HAPPINESS in MY WORK is TOP PRIORITY.                                                     


Save 25% on all orders over $50

Call ME NOW! 773-882-4394

Or E MAIL Kevin


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Miles Maid & Maintenance | 10735 S. Church St. | Chicago | IL | 60643