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The new year has brought new energy and  requests to LIGHT.  We finished a holiday bereavement group at CapeAbilities, and look forward to our "reunion" class next Tuesday!  This group worked hard on expressing the feelings that grief brings, during a time when society tells us that peace, love, joy and celebration should prevail.  Although we shared some sadness, we had some laughs  too,  and found out that EVERYONE loves the chicken dance!  (What a great way to wrap up a heavy group!)  We made beautiful candles for people to use in their homes during the holidays to honor and remember those who had died.  We made memory boxes and collages, and even "Christmas stockings" filled with the things we wished we could share with those we have lost.

Our friends at the LIFE program have invited us to hold a 6 week healing the separation group at their Mashpee campus, and we have a request for another group in Sandwich.  Each group is different, and is tailored to the needs and abilities of those who participate.  The only common factor is that there is beauty, love and healing in each group.  Below is a testimonial from a staff who attended our holiday group:

"Thank you for offering the "Healing the Separation" group. It was a great experience. Your kindness and sensitivity helped everyone to feel comfortable and at ease. The weekly activities that you planned were all focused toward the specific needs and ability levels of the individuals involved in our particular group and it was apparent that they enjoyed each meeting. I would certainly recommend future groups to any individuals going through a grieving process." -

Beth Snyder

Intensive Flexible Family Support Coordinator-Kennedy Donovan Center

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, January 29, 1PM-3:30PM

January Dance Party for LIGHT

West Dennis Community Church

288 Main Street West Dennis

Tickets are $10 at the door and include a bottled water, snack and free door prize ticket!  Staff are free!  Come have some fun and support a great cause!

Call to reserve your spot-



Friday, February 11, 7PM-9PM

Calypso Night

West Dennis Community Church

288 Main Street West Dennis

Come in from the cold!  Join us as  Move to the island beat of steel drum band "Erik and the Grannies"!  Wear your island best...prize for best costume!  Festive island refreshments for sale! Admission is $10 at the door.

Call to reserve your spot-





Help for staff!

Every month, we get numerous calls from agencies wishing to help the people they support to cope with the death of a friend or loved one.  LIGHT volunteers are happy to help.

Too often, the requests we don't get are those to help staff cope with a loss.  Frequently a staff person falls into the role of "being strong for the people we support", "not getting emotional in front of the people we support", etc.  We've found over the years of our work with LIGHT that staff who have time and space to process their loss stay in their jobs longer and maintain a healthier, happier outlook than those who plod through to support others.

This month, we will focus on what staff can do to facilitate their own grieving.  Please share this with your staff, and call on us if we can help!


Five tips for staff dealing with loss


1.  Honor your own feelings.  You are grieving as well as the person's house mates, friends and family.  It's perfectly fine, and actually healthy, to cry and show emotion in front of the people you work with. (You may feel any of the "normal" feelings associated with death:  sadness, fatigue, a "spacey" feeling, anger, or a sense of disbelief. It's all "normal" and OK.)

2.  Avoid the superman/superwoman syndrome in the days and weeks following a death.  It's common, especially in our society, to "put more on our plates" in order to redirect ourselves from sadness.

3.  Remember that there is no time line for your response to death.  Grief can sneak up on you days, weeks, months, even years later.  Birthdays, holidays, or significant events can trigger memories (both pleasant and sad) of the person.

4. If you take care of your needs, you are better equipped to continue your work of caring for others.  Let your supervisor know if you need more help processing your grief.

5.  A group project is a great way to honor a person's memory and work toward healing.  When the shock has lessened and you feel more energetic, consider planning a memory garden, a tree planting, or participation in an event that would have meant something to the person who died.  These are all great ways to care for yourself and those you support while bonding over the building of something positive.

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