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I love the holidays but I have to admit I was kind of glad when they were over.  It has been nice to get back to a regular routine again.  This year for me more than ever has been about goal setting.  In my personal as well as business.  I have gone back to writing lists of things I want to get done and updating when needed.  What I really want to do is creates some inspiration boards to keep me focused.   Of course they are on my long list of things to do. :)



Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.  I hope that these tips are a great help to you while you are planning your wedding.



There are a few basic do's and don'ts while planning your wedding.  Some may seem obvious, and some may not. 


  •  Maintain a sense of humor: If you are like me, sometimes when you are stressed about things, it is hard to maintain a sense of humor when what you are upset about  is really personal to you.  The saying I will either laugh or cry is really true in some situations.  Just remember no matter what happens, laughter is more fun to relieve stress than crying! 


  •  Be flexible and keep budget in mind: With all the choices it is hard not to get carried away and spend more than you really can afford to spend.  If you want to spend more money in some areas, find ways to save in others.  You want to be able to look back at your wedding with great memories, not thinking about all the debt you are in.


  • Always easy to say, not as easy to do.  The benefits are that you will reduce stress and feel better.  And you won't be alone.  I am going to be working on doing the same as well!


  • This is a time where you can never have too many details.  Everything you expect them to include and do, make sure it is in the contract. If you feel overwhelmed, and you are not sure you want to sign, don't.  Step back, think it over, and even bring someone else in to look it over.  


  • That will let them know that you received the gift and the sooner you write the note, the fewer you have to do after the wedding.



  • There will always be people trying to tell you how and why you should do things  in a certain way. The bottom line is, the wedding is about you and your fiance and the celebration of your love.  Listen to what others have to say politely and thank them for the suggestions. They will feel like their thoughts were heard, and you never actually say that you will use their ideas.  If your parents are paying for the wedding, be receptive to their  thought and ideas.  Make sure you keep the lines of communication open and be sure tell them how you feel about things.


  • Consult your family:  You may not think that they are or want to be involved in the wedding planning until you make a decision without them.  When you begin to plan your wedding, talk about what is most important to each of you and how you see your day.


  • Delegate tasks to your fiance, parents, friends, wedding party attendants and even a wedding planner.  It may be hard, but sometimes you have to admit you can't do it all yourself. 


Most of all try to enjoy yourself. 

Don't forget to take time to spend together and remember why you are getting married in the first place!







Wedding Gown Sale

This month all my bridal gowns are on sale.  I would love to have you come in and check out the selection!



Happy Planning!

Nicole Keesler

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