"Lets Connect" - A Women's Prayerline Support Group





Thank you for your interest in joining us for  prayer and inspiration. This prayerline is purposed to bring women together to be encouraged as well as providing an opportunity for women to join us who can inspire words of  encouragement to one  another ;either way it is hoped that evey person who connects   will encounter an experience where they are  strengthen and empowered, which will contribute to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.



Francina Williams

Save the date first Conference Thursday 10/25/2012 @ 8pm

Connect For Weekly Inspiration& Prayer

Thursday nites @ 8pm

Times and days may change so You may recieve week by week  set times and dates for when the line will be in operation and please feel free to join us.

Francina Williams | letsconnectandpray@gmail.com | Orlando | FL | 32835