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August, 2012 Newsletter





Dear Colleague,


One of the questions we often receive from our clients is how to really grow their businesses, take it to the next level.


Our first response is always "what drives your business?"  The most common answer back is "Sales".  Correct, but what constitutes sales?


Companies often overlook the several metrics behind their revenue.  It's important to look at all the puzzle pieces: product mix, product margin, pricing, unit volume, customer segmentation, etc.  Depending on your industry and the complexity of your price list, you may have many more components to evaluate.


Your evaluation needs to consider the good, bad, and ugly of each component, and what influences changes in that metric.  What do you control and what do you not control?


Taking your business apart and reassembling it on paper allows you to evaluate your objectives, strategies, tactics, and the potential impact of any changes you want to make. 




Consider that you wish to use up more of your capacity.  And consider that some of your products demand more infrastructure, sales, or manufacturing resource.  Or that some of your products give you a marked point of differentiation from the competition?  The only way to really get a handle on all of this is to model your business; find out what makes it tick and to what it is most sensitive, positive or negative. 


For example, beware of cannibalization, when the development of product extensions can do more harm than good.  Or, when pursuing a certain class of business eats away at your margins.  Again, it is in the modeling of your business, that you will begin to find your answers and perhaps understand your business more robustly than you had ever thought possible.


Where do you go for modeling? Most Companies use their Finance organization, or you can consider a consultant. Holos House excels at modeling, and has significant experience in media, retailing, manufacturing, consumer goods, and construction. We help you leverage all your assets, and generate synergies that make 2+2=5!



Checkout our credentials at http://www.holoshouse.com/. Also, view the many business recommendations we have on http://www.linkedin.com/. Search under our Senior Partner, Cherie Oswald.




The development of our leadership series is underway.  And, true to our belief in "models" and the great learning that ensues from using them, this leadership series will be working with all types of folks committed to becoming better leaders.


Do you ever wonder what the key ingredient to a great leader is?  We have.  In fact, we have asked many people what they think and we have had just as many answers.  Obviously, there is no simple answer, but there is a common thread: TRUST.


Of all the adjectives used like intelligent, honest, courageous, charismatic, loyal, etc., there is a central theme of trust that always emerges.


We will launch the Leadership series in Spring of 2013.  Key components of the two  day seminar will be learning about how to engender trust, how to see it and feel it for yourself, in real time.  Participants will learn about the subtleties that can make all the difference.


This seminar is also very good for team building, as trust is the common bonding ingredient of great teams.


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