Let us add some payback to your business all we ask is 5 min
Let us add some payback to your business - another string to your financial  bow

             Hi my name is mark could I take 5 min of your time



MY COMPANY    www.theloanaranger.co.uk      registered credit broker (internet based)



To offer your web site an added enhancement this will compliment your existing service



In today's financial economy more people are looking for ways keep there lifestyle but are coming to the conclusion banks are not as willing or forgiving as of past .it is this reason every opportunity not only to grab the attention of a prospective sale but all available means to close it down fast as possible, is the goal of every business. 



We are offering the means of a instant cash loan into the accounts of your online traffic of up to £750 .Instead of spending just face time on your sight maybe  having  maxed  out on there cards and not willing to go in store to asked for a store card because of time restriction or the possibility of being declined .They would have the potential to use our service and have cash in there accounts within minuets, which means a sale for you, we do not do credit checks/scoring a bad financial passed even CCJs will not stop your costumers getting and loan from us only in rear cases 



Not only will you get a sale you could have lost to a competitor ,  you will receive anything form 40%-60% commission from us. Plus I will give you your very own access portal so you can see who has used this service and the commission you have generated, and there is nothing stopping you passing this on to your clients as a selling point



Impulse buying    the latest gadget - Fashion accessory - Last minute sale –collectibles- tools - accessories for the home -diy 

Entertainment   Concert /cinema tickets – shows –stag/hen nights –coach bookings-hotel rooms- party bookings

Crisis purchase   Travel – clothing for special invite – replacing damaged items- bills-presents-flowers


In fact before a costumer see if they have enough to buy an item or service they tend to look it up first, now if there was an embedded application on your sight which gives the customer another method to close that sale and stop them from moving on to a competitor that is a powerful tool to offer



 All you need to do is email me confirmation that you’re interested, I will give you a log on name i.e. (company name) and password (001) this is just an example. Plus I give you two codes to choose from to embed on your  web site, that will produce  a application fast loan form .There is no need to give me any info regarding the website and the code has no other application but to forward the customer to my website to apply for  funds. And can I just state that we are governed buy the licensed credit act, all our information regarding on line security you can view at our website. And as stated you can view all transactions and commission via a separate portal as I give you your own login and password




If you are interested please contact me via return email with any questions or call me on (07954434264 available from 25 July 2011)

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