Linda Lady Viking Josefsson - Fitness Specialist

Most people work out to look good but what are the benefits of a great workout regimen and a healthy diet?


Weight loss


Not moving enough and eating all the wrong things will often lead to weight gain or even obesity. With this you put yourself at risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. Changing your diet and staying on a strict workout regimen will turn this around. Turning fat into muscle through strength training and cardio will reverse all of these problems




It's more common for women to suffer from Osteoporosis because of our constant hormonal changes. As we get older the loss of estrogen will cause our bones to lose their density and become brittle. To strengthen your bones it's very important to do resistance training along with a high calcium diet. This will force the bones to grow stronger and often times you will not need medication for Osteoporosis if you train with weights regularly.


Strengthen the immune system


It's proven that people who work out and eat well have a much stronger immune system than those who don't. If you get sick a lot you may want to give your diet and workout schedule an over haul! According to research people who strength train are 30% less likely to get cancer than those who don't. A strong body with a strong immune system will be more effective fighting off illnesses!!




All women who enters into this part of their life knows how miserable you can get dealing with night sweats and mood swings! Our bodies are also changing and you may notice weight gain in places where you never had an ounce of fat before! It's very common for women no matter how skinny they are to gain weight around the stomach area. Cardio alone will not get rid of this roll around the waist. You may lose some weight in other places but it won't be where you want it to be. The ONLY thing that can change your body composition and your shape is a good weight training program. Using resistance can help you gain muscle to burn off that stubborn fat. You also need to activate the deep core muscles regularly.


Mood enhancer and general well being


Not feeling good about yourself and your body is very common in todays society. We are stuck behind a computer most of the day and after that we commute for hours sitting in a car. We eat fast food high in fats and sugars and we don't see that we are slowly killing ourselves.Not making time for exercise can take it's toll on our general well being causing depression. Being active is a great way to channel stress, in fact, our bodies were meant to be physical to function properly. Being under constant stress releases cortisol in our bodies and makes it acidy. A body with a high level of acid is more prone to illness and this also makes it harder to lose weight.












The combination of fitness and healthy eating habits is the key to feeling and looking good no matter what age. As I'm getting closer to 40 I have never felt better! I'm stronger than I was in my 20's thanks to my regular strength training routine and I'm almost never sick. After 20 years as a fitness specialist I strongly believe working out is the cure for most problems you may have. Don't rely on pills to keep you alive, make a choice to be a strong, healthy person for life by ditching your unhealthy habits today!!! 






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