September News ! and EVOLVE SERIES ll
Transitions Liaison - Transforming Mindsets for Positive Life Changes.....
September Greetings to All of You !

Change is in the air !  Early fall generally has us thinking of changes we would like to create in our lives.  I am certain most if not all of you feel this.
September is also a month that most people decide to move from their current residence
as well . It's all good ! 

This month , beginning September 7 th for 4 consecutive weeks we will begin EVOLVE , LEARNING TO DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION PART 11 . I know all of you that signed up for series 1 are already feeling better and are enjoying a more Positive outlook on self - trust.
If you did not participate on the first series last month is not too late... as you will receive a briefing on what took place during the 4 week series 1 
The platform remains the same ...4 weekly audio teachings /lessons to practice with the final week open live chat with myself for 30 minutes of questions and answers.
You must register and purchase here  and go the events page . Your enrollment must take place on or before 9/6 to participate .

This enrollment offer is available for a limited time only, so don't miss out!

Any questions you may have regarding EVOLVE SERIES ll  kindly e-mail them to

Blessings for the month of September !

Reverend Laura Ellis CPLT
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