Phoenix Healing - NOW its a good time...take a moment...make a wish...
....we wake up every morning making wishes, we start wishing we could have slept more....and we continue wishing for our morning coffee, and then we go on and on wishing for all sorts of things that would get us through the day faster and easier and happier.... all we wish on a daily basis, every moment is actually creating step by step our reality.... 

NOW how about our BIG Wishes? when do we give ourselves the time to get our BIG Dreams into reality, when and how much energy do we put into creating that? it might be one major reason why our wishes are most of the times delayed or "not heard"?...because we are not giving them the time and the power to become reality.

This is when the Wish Box Necklace comes in very handy...
When your Heart is calling in for magic and Joy in your life, more so now that the Wishing Season is coming, when you wish Love and Light and Dream of the New to embrace, as this year is ending.... Give yourself and your dearest friends a chance to wish for something dear to you, write it on a paper and wear it in a necklace close to your Heart...there is no bigger Power than your mind and your heart working together! 

The Wish Box Necklace is blessed under the New Moon facilitating manifestation for the wearer. 
With Crystal Love and Light,
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