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New Scalp Micro-Pigmentation!
Scalp micro-pigmentation is widely recognized as an alternative solution for individuals suffering from hair loss who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant surgery or who do not want it.
As well as male and female pattern hair loss, micro-pigmentation can create an illusion of hair for patients suffering from a  host of scalp conditions including scaring alopecias, alopecia areata, totalis and universalis, as well as hair loss due to injuries and burns or disguising surgery scars.
Even after successful transplant surgery, scalp micro-pigmentation can help in creating the illusion of additional density to improve the overall result and increase patient satisfaction with their surgery. Giving patients with limited donor area the results that could not be achieved by hair transplant alone.
As a treatment addition to hair transplant ion this is a valuable additional hair loss solution that your practice can offer ample and female hair loss patients that previously you may have been unable to treat, whilst adding a significant additional revenue stream for your office.
To this end our approach to consultation and treatment is endorsed by leading researchers, physchiatrists and dermatologists in the UK and USA including Professor of Psychology & Director of Clinical Training at San Jose State University.
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