It's 2012...the dust is what? - The ADIGI Approach New Year's Resolution

With the intent of starting 2012 off with a bang, Dana and I sought out the advice of a consultant to help us with our business.  Mid-way through the consultation, we were told that our work is ahead of its time.  On one hand, I thought to myself, damn that can’t be good and it evoked a fearful thought that our business won’t be as successful as we want.  But on the other hand, I felt a deep gratitude and appreciation for our current clients; those of you who have seen value in The ADIGI Approach and have been diligent in applying it.  We realize what we ask you to do requires a certain degree of strength, discipline, commitment, foresight and trust.  It requires that you unplug from old conditioning (thoughts and ideas you’ve subscribed to for the majority of your life) and have the foresight enough to trust us when we say… we know where true happiness lies and we know how to teach you to get it.

We understand that it’s not easy to unplug from the world and old conditioning.  Everywhere we look there are messages that reinforce that old conditioning.  Messages that say things like… loose weight and you will be confidentjoin this dating site and you will finally meet your mate and feel “complete” and happyachieve wealth and you will feel free.  And although there is nothing wrong with having any or all of those things, we know that to expect any of those things to make you happy… truly and authentically happy is unrealistic and futile.  Happiness does not lie in things or experiences.  Happiness, like love, peace, joy, power, safety etc., are feelings and can only be achieved AUTHENTICALLY through the process of understanding your unmet emotional need and then meeting it.  This is the process Dana and I have practiced for many years and it is what we teach our clients.     


In our work we talk a lot about triggers; things that happen that convince us that happiness lies in things it is not and make us forget the source of true happiness.  For me, this Christmas was a huge trigger for a couple of reasons.  Financially, as I budgeted my money and allotted a certain amount for Christmas gifts, entertaining and all the other numerous expenses this time of the year requires, my sense of security got triggered and threatened.  I observed myself plugging back into old conditioning that says having more money will make me feel powerful, free, peaceful and safe.  And, as I watched my kids leave home on Christmas morning to go to their dads and I looked around my empty and quiet home, I observed my thoughts wander down a path that wasn’t helpful.  I, for a moment, believed I would be less sad and lonely if things were different…if their dad would have wanted to make our marriage work or at the very least my loneliness wouldn’t be so loud and painful if I could share Christmas Day with a special partner.  But it is in these moments...these difficult and trigger some moments where the power of our work is mind blowing and really is ahead of its time.  It is in these moments that I have gone from feeling weak, powerless, sad and lonely, to feeling an overwhelming sense of power and strength that nothing else… no spiritual philosophy, no technique, no method or process…nothing I have tried before, has given me.   


So in this season of setting New Year’s resolutions, a process that often does more to highlight our failures and how powerless we have been to overcome challenges in our lives, I urge you to remember that what you really want is the FEELING you think accomplishing those goals will give you.  For me, there really is only one New Years resolution I will ever entertain setting and that is to continue to meet my unmet emotional need.  That one unmet emotional need has been at the root of all my problems and was responsible for wreaking havoc in my life for longer than I care to admit.   


The ADIGI Approach is simple, but not easy; it’s not for the faint of heart…we get it.  Dana and I have been known to curse our own approach at times because it can be hard to unplug from the trappings of the world and focus on the internal world of emotions.  It makes sense that our work was described as being ahead of its time; it’s not fashionable, trendy, sexy or popular but it is extremely powerful, definitely worth the effort and we believe it’s the direction we are all headed anyway.  At some point we all come to understand where true power and happiness resides; within us and The ADIGI Approach can show us how to get there.


So our wish for you for 2012 is to accomplish one single, simple goal and that is to discover your unmet emotional need, learn to meet it and enjoy unlimited peace and happiness from this year forward.


Extending wishes of peace and harmony, in loving gratitude,


Joyce (and Dana)

780 237 0770

Wishing you a peaceful, joyful 2012.

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