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That Sexy Boho Look

Zara Garnett: Posted on 17 August 2012 10:35

That Sexy Boho look

Girls, girls, girls...

Summertime is in full swing which means it’s time to ditch the darker rich tone to move on up to honey, caramel tones and creamy vanillas with a touch of rustic, bronze spice finish.. does this make you feel hungry?? 

Good - that means I have you hooked.. hehe!

I am working a lot at the moment with these edible, yummy colours, and then complementing them with a big movement or soft tussle wave or curl to create that cool sexy Boho look of this summer season.

I finish the hair with a curl cream and a sea salt spray for that gorgeous, oozy 'undone' texture.

Check out the list of celebrities that rock this summer look that are all truly inspirational.

Love to you all readers

Zara xxx

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