Sally Shattuck ~ Massage Therapy - With 20 years of experience, you're in excellent hands!
With all the stress in this world today, give the ones you love their own personal escape for Easter!
Go to
and order your gift certificates NOW!!
You know.............
Easter baskets aren't just for kids..... and grown-ups don't want candy.... so why not give them a MASSAGE?!
Give them a classic relaxation or my "Spring Renewal" massage now on sale!!  See website for details!
Even the Easter Bunny deserves one!!
Sally Shattuck Massage Therapy, LLC
inside jennmarie salon-spa
4 E. Main St.  (136)
Pittsboro, IN 46167
(317) 892-4477
For further information, for gift certificates, or to book your appointment now, visit:
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Sally Shattuck Massage Therapy | inside jennmarie salon-spa. | 4 E. Main St. | Pittsboro | IN | 46167