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Greetings and Welcome,


Your receipt of this communication is the result of an interest in the JUMPOUT lifestyle.  This interest may have been expressed  through a web inquiry, online/in-store purchase or simply a yearning to "Break the Mold".


Whatever the reason, we thank you for being interested in what's happening at JUMPOUT INTERNATIONAL.


We will use this venue to share exciting news and to keep you abreast of all that is new!  Mentionables, among others, to include...

  • Highlights of Notable Stories where the JUMPOUT lifestyle has paid-off.
  • Previews of Exclusive Gear before release plus specials as they occur.
  • Challenging Quotes designed to support/strengthen your journey.
  • Listings (abbreviated) of new members to the family and the JUMPOUT way of life.





JUST IN...JUST IN!!!  Exclusive Black Tees bearing the design above are now in production!


To Order, visitwww.jump-out.com and order...


$25.00 w/coupon mention



Also, Web expansion in process.  New page soon to come....





The "Voice" at JUMPOUT

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