Madroña - Klezmer to Sephardic Love Songs

~Passionate Music & Dance       ~Lucid Teas & Shiviti Bazaar

Steve Berman:                                                

   Oud, Turkish Saz, Spanish Guitar &                        Exotic Teas & Tribal Adornment                     Tambora                                                              for You & Your Beloved

   Offering Delightful Songs of Earthly &                     

             Heavenly Romance                                                      Tantalizing Refreshments to

Jeffrey Solomon:                                                       Satisfy Sweet Cravings

     Doumbek, Frame Drums & Cajon                              

    Lush Percussion & Intricate Tribal Beats              A Romantic Evening to Support

Scott Miller:                                                          the Havurah Shir Hadash 

    Didj, Doumbek, & Strings from Tuva                                                Community

       Global Musical Healing Vibrations

Zahara Solomon:                                                     Mystical Love Songs for the

   Sacred to Sassy Tribal~Folkloric Bellydance                               Body & Soul

And Special Musical Guests

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