Do you eat like a sumo wrestler?
What is that you ask? Well the Sumo wrestlers diet is traditionally geared to pack on a lot of fat in a short amount of time. The way they eat is designed for fat storage, and to minimize their energy expenditure.


Here is how the Sumo Diet works:

  •  Skip breakfast
  •  Eat two large meals per day
  •  Make sure that each meal has large amounts of carbs with plenty of sugar and starches
  •  Sleep after meals.


Does this sound familiar to you? If so then you are eating like a sumo wrestler. How can you possibly lose weight and get lean if your eating like a sumo wrestler? 
I'm not saying you're going to look like an actual Sumo wrestler, but I am saying that if you eat this particular way your body will store more fat instead of lean muscle.  Many people are always confused as to why they can't seem to lose weight but instead keep gaining weight.  I hear people all the time say I only eat twice a day why can't I lose weight and if anything I keep gaining weight?  
Believe it or not, to lose weight and to get a lean tight body you have to actually eat more and increase your overall daily protein intake as well!  Not eating more of just any kind of foods but more healthy smaller portioned meals spread out during the day.  On average, you want to have 5-6 well portioned small meals including your healthy snacks spread across the day every 4 hours or so. 

Unlike the sumo wrestlers whose goal is to slow down metabolism and pack on the fat, our goal is to do the opposite of that which is to speed up metabolism, burn fat and preserve our lean muscle stores.  This helps keep your metabolism high and your body in "fat burning mode" and not in "fat storing mode". This is critical because once the body perceives that it is being starved it will instinctively go into what's called "starvation mode"  What our bodies do when they are in starvation mode is store fat and feed off of lean muscle.  It does this instinctively and is actually a survival mechanism within us.  

  • Skipping breakfast is THE WORSE THING you can do when trying to lose weight and getting a lean tight body. Unless you are doing some sort of fast to cleanse your body it is not wise to skip breakfast day in and day out for long periods of time.  What this does is actually slow down your metabolism and makes the body store more fat. This is exactly the reason why the Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast, they want their bodies to store fat.

  • Avoid having heavy starches in the evening before going to bed like bread, rice, pasta, yams, potatoes etc.  Have these foods earlier during the day when your body can still use them up as energy.

  • Avoid starch rich heavily processed foods and focus on eating a variety of natural foods.  How do you know if a food is a natural food?  The closer a food is to it's original state, the less man has tampered with it the more natural and healthier it is for you! When buying your foods look for key words like Organic, Hormone Free, No Antibiotics, Free Range, Wild Caught, Grass Fed, No Preservatives.

  • Eat lots of vegetables, preferably green leafy veggies. Increase your protein intake and drink lots of water!

So there you have it, some quick tips on how to eat healthier to get a lean body and avoid sumo dieting.

Yours in health

John Gonzalez
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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