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STEALTH-FORCE PROVIDES A solution to controlling your devices, how they are used and where they are.

  • Does your company policy indicate it is ok to visit porn sites with your devices ?

  • NO, then read further.

  • How about using the devices for other then work?

  • How about what they are using it for while you are paying them on the clock?

Major Employers pay an estimated $100,000.00 annually for wasted time on company owned devices.

Manage your employees in a more efficient way of tracking their time and what they are doing while you pay them.

* Actual Screen shots captures a full-size picture of the active window however often you wish.

    * Websites Visited Records all website URLs visited in Safari and Firefox with page title.

    * Keystrokes in Most Languages

      Keystrokes typed into ANY window are logged for later retrieval.

    * Full Chat Conversations

      Records BOTH sides of text chats in iChat, Yahoo IM, AIM and Skype.

    * Location Mapping

      Logs the IP at each upload to show you physical locations of the Mac.

      * Applications Executed

      Records every application executed including full path and time.

    * Application Durations

      Shows you how long each app was used including start and stop time.

    * Automatic File Uploads

     Uploads an actual copy of every document, picture file changed.

    * File / Folder Changes

      When a file or folder changes, the software records the action and path.

    * Pasteboard Activity

      Records any data which is copied or pasted from the pasteboard.

Your information is confidential. Stealth-Force does not have access to any information on your devices after installing the software and setting up your monitoring.

Don't Delay.

Your business is your investment.

Don't let your employees steal from your investment.


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