Strawberry Studio
We can re-create any design, logo or badge.
Choose from over 400 or have your own made for the occasion.

Entertainment for your event or party. Keeps the memory alive for days after.

Company Logo for photo shoots or product launches are our speciality
Up to 6 colours
Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are safe, non-toxic and last for days. 
(Can also be removed instantly).
Summer is coming, with a lot more skin on show.....choose Airbrush Tattoos for your outdoor events. Your guests will love it.

Choose from:
  • Coloured Tattoos
  • Neon Glitter Tattoos (changes colour depending on the lighting)
  • UV Tattoos
  • Black Tattoos (We do not use Henna)
  • Scented Tattoos

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The Strawberry Studio | Wimbledon | London | SW19 6HF