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4 Week Nutrition Makeover


The most basic, profound, and powerful way to take care of your health on a day-to day basis is to eat healthy.  At the same time, nothing is more confusing and daunting than changing your diet. The 4-Week Nutrition Makeover is a highly personalized, nutrition program designed to help you change your eating habits.   The program combines online journaling with face-to-face nutritional counseling.


Following an initial assessment, you will know how much to eat and when to eat to meet you goals. I will also show you how to use the online food and exercise journal. The log is accessed from my website. You can also access the log from your smart phone or tablet.


To help you choose the right foods, I've written a nutrition guide. The guide, Nutrition for Life, will outline the types of foods should eat and avoid and when you should eat.  It has over 50 pages of healthy diet guidelines, recipes and resources.


Week-by-week we will refine your diet and substitute bad habits and foods for healthily habits and food. Changing you diet takes time and varies from person to person. The constant monitoring and feed back of this program will make you successful and help you with the following:


  • Motivate you to exercise and eat healthy.
  • Help you reach goals faster.
  • Keep you organized.
  • Make it easy to stick to any diet or workout routine.
  • Know if your diet and workouts are effective.
  • Easily track and visualize progress.
  • Prevents you from missing and duplicating and workouts.
  • Faster and more accurate than paper logs.


Click here for more details and to download Nutrition for Life.

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