Grand Opening - Join us on 7 July!

Dear Inner Spirit Journeyor,


Thank you for your interest in your journey to your Inner Spirit.


We are here to help you, with lots of exciting news and specials to share this month, prepare to be inspired!


Inspiration - What Inspires YOU?

What inspires you? Have you ever thought about that?


What is the meaning of your life and why are you here? Was it just for eating, sleeping and the daily routine? No, I doubt that and so do you! I am sure that you realise that you have a purpose that's special and unique, just like everyone else has one!

What's yours? Well, here's the secret..


Your inspiration is your purpose!

Robin Sharma once said "Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. The secret of passion truly is purpose."


I like to say the secret of purpose truly is passion. This is why..

What makes your soul lighten up.. well, that's what is your purpose! Let's say that again, what makes YOUR soul LIGHT up is, that's right.. your light, your purpose to share with the world.


What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What provides you with a sense of joy, delight, power, unique to everything else you do --> What are your gifts? We are here to help, with intuitive energy healing, massage, readings, scientific hand analysis and lots more: Help us help you - find your purpose!



Grand Special! Due to new location! 


80% discount on all services

(intuitive healing, massage and readings) incl. a FREE gift 4 minute reading!

Next Saturday and Sunday 7-8 July only! 


That's not all.. Since we are feeling extra generous. we are giving away.. An extra


20% discount off of all products incl. a FREE gift with purchase! 


Bookings open now until Tuesday only! So hurry, book today!! Grab your slot by call or text on 5015 9523, visit our website 

or reply to this email


Feel free to share our specials or why not buy a session to pamper a special friend?


Refer a friend and get 10% off your next session once they purchase a session. 


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Client Feedback

"Thank you! I feel rejuvenated with renewed energy.." - Vikeshni N. 

(Sydhavn, CPH, Denmark)


"Esha is calm and understanding of her clients' needs... Esha is a bright light in this world." - Leigh H.

(Caldwell, NJ, USA)


Smiles of de-light,


Inner Spirit Journeys

Journey to your Inner Spirit to find your purpose!

Cell: 5015 9523

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