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Spring Is Here!


A time of growth, renewal and new beginnings. A good time to reflect on and release what is no longer serving a higher purpose in your life. And a time to begin creating or building upon what you do want.


If you can imagine the ideal life you would like for yourself, what would it look like? What do you see yourself doing? Where do you live? What kind of work are you doing that makes your heart sing? Who are you with?

What one thing can you do today to begin manifesting your dream life? Writing down your ideas is a great tool to assist in gaining clarity and getting organized. Even taking one small step at a time, will get things moving in the direction of where you want to go. As the saying goes, where your attention goes, energy flows.

You have the power to create your dream life. Know that you are worthy to receive all of your heart's true desires. Happiness is our natural state of being and the universe will support you in living a life of joy. Open your arms to the universe and allow yourself to receive.

Begin planting the seeds to your dreams today, nurture them and allow them to blossom and grow.  May the path to creating your dreams, be with ease and grace and filled with many blessings along the way.


Maya Bringas

BSc., BEd., Reiki Master, CSRT

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Reiki (1 hour): $65

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ (1 hour): $65

Save by booking a package!

Book 3 sessions for $185 (savings of $10)

Book 6 sessions for $345 (savings of $45)

Packages must be paid in full and be used within 6 months on booking first session.

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