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What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch? 

~ W. C. Fields


The Eppelation team is getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful visit to the southern hemisphere.  Plenty of wine was consumed, and we even found time to sneak away to the Mornington Peninsula wine region (without our daughter!) and enjoy a fabulous lunch at Montalto Vineyards, one of Victoria's best restaurant wineries.  Specializing in luscious Chardonnay, velvety Pinot Noir, and world class cuisine, this was a fabulous experience and we highly recommend a visit if you ever make it Down Under.


In this month's Eppelation News, learn about our Pinot Noir wine feature, plan a fun night out with upcoming wine events and wine tasting classes, and test your wine know-how with a fun quiz - a new addition to our newsletter.  In future newsletter editions, keep an eye out for  a new section, focusing on an aspect of grape growing, winemaking or wine regions -nothing too heavy we promise!



Mark & Karen Eppel



new wine feature

Pinot Noir is one of our favorite grapes - it's alluring, feminine, just a little bit sassy, and unequivocally sensual.  One of the most versatile wines, it pairs wonderfully with an array of foods, and we just can't get enough of it!  If you attended our Pinot Passion wine class or just want to take advantage of our current wine feature we have two delicious Pinot Noir offerings for you.


The "3 Vineyard" from Chehalem winery  in Oregon is highly rated by the critics and is a rich, dark and complex example of Oregon Pinot Noir for under $30. This was one of the hits of the Pinot Passion tasting!




The Reserva Pinot Noir from Ventisquero in Chile, is a lighter styled, elegant and balanced wine that showcases the Casablanca Valley beautifully. As we've come to expect from Chilean wines, this is an excellent value wine, inexpensive enough to become your every-day Pinot. Buy a case!


This feature runs from May 2 - May 16 and is available at Pringles, Supermarket Liquors and Wilbur's in Ft. Collins, and World Beverage in Loveland.  To learn more about our featured wines, please visit our wine feature page.  We'll have a new wine feature later this month, so don't forget to check back in mid-May....



wine tasting classes

We have only a few more classes in the current tasting series to bring us through June. 


The Wine & Cheese class is sold out and we have a waitlist so it's likely we'll add this to the schedule later in the year.  It's shaping up to be a very tasty class!


If you'd like to open your tastebuds to the pleasures of Austrian and German wines, our May 23rd class will whet your appetite - there is more to this part of the world than Riesling!


Summer is just around the corner (we hope!) and we'll get a kick-start on our al fresco dining plans with a nifty little class onSummer Sensations.



Our final class for the series is close to our hearts and palates - theSassy Sparklers.  For a chance to taste some fantastic sparkling wines from around the globe, and a great way to finish up our current wine tasting series, this class  is a must!


new schedule coming soon:Classes for the second half of the year will be posted on our website by mid-June, so if you have any special requests please drop us a line and we'd be happy to consider your suggestions for topics.



upcoming wine events

Our good friends at Fish restaurant in Ft. Collins are hosting a wine dinner with the winemakers from Oregon's Tyee Wine Cellars, on May 17th. Contact Fish for more information.



wine tips

A common question in our wine classes is "what temperature should this wine be served at?".  The key is to serve the wine at a temperature that brings out its best aromas and flavors, so the components in the wine are balanced. A too-cold wine will be "shut down" and you won't taste or smell very much (this is advantageous if it's not a very good bottle!), and a too-warm wine could taste flabby and accentuate the alcohol.  In short, wines taste very different depending on the serving temperature so here's a quick and easy guide on serving temperatures. If in doubt with a particular wine, practice makes perfect so just keep experimenting!


Chilled- 52°F. Light to medium bodied white wines. Note: if you've just removed a bottle from the fridge you probably need to let it stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.


Cellar Temperature- 57°F.  Full bodied white wines and light bodied red wines. This temperature is "slightly chilled" or "cellar temperature". If you've removed a bottle from the fridge, it will need about 30 minutes at room temperature.


Room Temperature - 65°F -70°F. Medium to full-bodied red wines are best served at "room temperature".




wine quiz

Just for fun, try your wine knowledge out with this short quiz.Click here for the answers!


1. What do Marlborough (New Zealand) and the Loire Valley (France) have in common?

2. What term describes adding sugar during fermentation?

3. What is the main grape in Chianti wines?

4. What are the four main components we can taste in wine?

5. Which country is best known for the grape Carmenère?



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