He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think... Eph. 3:20

Dear Friend, I hope you will be able to take a break, go off somewhere quiet to read this letter.  It was written... just for you.

I always pray about what the Lord would have me share when I write these letters … and this time when He brought this  particular card before me  I was stirred with all kinds of emotions and memories stored deep in my heart. 


Tearful memories of being patiently ‘Home Schooled’ by The Great School Master…  endearing memories of all the heartbreaking lessons and tests He would tenderly place upon my desk… humbling memories of being a puny, weak Christian with no spiritual muscle or spine…  afraid of every empty bucket, every little rainstorm or hill along my path. I was totally unaware back then, some ( 25 +) years ago,  that He is ABLE!  I had heard He was able… I knew the verse... "He was able",  but no,  I didn’t know He is REALLY, REALLY ABLE. You see, I didn’t know because I hadn’t  had enough empty buckets set before me which only He could fill,  I hadn’t experienced having the well run dry a minimum of 743 times.   I hadn’t yet endured deep disappointment in someone I thought was nearly perfect,  nor had  I yet been caught up in a Category 5 Spiritual Hurricane or had a dozen mountains stand stubbornly in my way. 


I was just too young in the Lord,  maybe 5-6 years old in Him, just a kindergartner who had no idea who My Heavenly Father REALLY was or what He was capable of doing for me as His daughter. My natural father had walked out of my life when I was 5 years old.  I never saw him again for 33 years… his choice not mine, and that was my concept of a father.  


In the flesh, we all have different earthly fathers.  Some are very big and strong and some are not strong at all.  Some fathers know how to fix cars and toasters and others haven’t a clue.  Some have very high paying jobs and others have jobs that barely pay anything.  In one way or another every earthly father has his limitations.  However, in the Spirit Realm,  if we have surrendered our heart to Him, we all have the same Father.  A Perfect Father who is ABLE to do anything for all of His children, but not just merely able… Abundantly ABLE, Magnificently ABLEExceedingly ABLE.  He is a Father of Unlimited Resources.  The only limit He has is in the limit we place upon Him with our faith. 


The desire of my heart is to possess an Unfailing Faith with which to honor my Lord,

but this kind of faith is something that must grow and mature.  None of us are born into His Kingdom immune from the taunting voices of fear and doubt when we find ourselves facing what seems to be an impossible situation.  The enemy, our adversary,  stands guard day and night spewing his unending accusations of how 'this is just too big and too hard for God'. His voice looms loud and strong to assure us God couldn’t possibly fill what ever our emptiness might be.  


I came to know the Lord 5 days before my 25th birthday and as I began to walk with My Father, those voices of fear and doubt would send me into an emotional frenzy. With three little boys and husband in school I couldn’t fathom just how creative my  Father could be to provide time and time again when the well would run dry. Water coming from rocks was nothing compared to some of the ways He would so faithfully fill up our empty wallets and cupboards.  It was only by going through those experiences that I was able to quiet those voices with a new found faith… a faith that knew no matter how empty the bucket… My Perfect Father was able to fill it.


Romans 1:17 tells us that our Father will be revealed to us as we go from faith to faith… And sure enough, just when I thought I could trust God with all my needs, the winds shifted and in roared that Category 5 Hurricane blowing right through our family.  This time those voices took on a new tone and at first I was  literally haunted by them, day and night.  I thought surely I could not survive when one of my three sons was incarcerated … As a mother, I tell you I had NOTHING in me to endure that  8 year prison season… you see up until that time I would have never known MY FATHER was  ABLE  with His Unlimited Resources to lavishly pour out fresh grace into the empty heart of a mother day after day,  Christmas after Christmas, 

Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day.  Without walking through that difficult time, I would have never in a million years known My Father’s Amazing GRACE and Peace while watching the winds blow away my child.


And finally as a wife, until I painfully walked through 3 separations from my best friend, childhood sweetheart and love of my life,  I had no comprehension that He was ABLE… Able to RESTORE my broken marriage. The voices in my head screamed,

“it’s over,  you will die alone, the love is gone, it’s not possible to fix this...so just walk away”  I felt my prayers for restoration were just TOO HARD AND TOO BIG  for my Father to answer.   It was as if I had buried my head in that empty bucket…  and with imaginary binoculars I searched frantically to see something… anything.  When all I could see was nothing, I assumed I had found God's limitation in my life. 


But something nagged at me… hadn’t He filled every other major need in my life… was this really going to be the one thing God wasn’t ABLE to do for me…  the nagging thoughts continued until finally one day I just broke and I cried out with every fiber in my being… GOD, I WANT TO KNOW JUST HOW BIG YOU REALLY ARE… I WANT TO KNOW ARE YOU  BIG ENOUGH TO FIX THIS MESS!!  ARE YOU REALLY, REALLY ABLE FATHER?   I still have that page folded in my journal because I wrote it in two inch tall letters… I was beyond desperate to know the answer to the question which He asks each of us when we face giants like this. 


         IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR ME?   Jere. 32:27


Well today, my friend, I can confidently tell you, there truly is NOTHING TOO HARD FOR OUR PERFECT FATHER… My marriage has not only been healed and restored but we have shared with many couples how God did it.  When someone asks me if God can heal their marriage, I know the answer because after years of being home schooled and tested,  I Know the TRUTH ... I know HE IS ABLE TO DO ABOVE all we can ask for or imagine... because He did it for me. 


 I wonder, is there something empty in your life right now?  Is the well dry?  What about mountains... do you have any stubbornly standing in your way?  Are you perhaps, this very day, caught in the eye of a storm and know that at any moment you might almost be destroyed?  Does your body house an unwelcome sickness or disease which doctors have pronounced incurable?


 Whatever you are facing today, I exhort you to be filled with faith. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to remain a puny kindergartner afraid of the enemy’s voice or the trials I encounter.  And I know you don’t either… so together, let’s do what I have learned to do.   First of all, it's not impossible for Him... so ASK !  Secondly, take your eyes off of the emptiness, the mountain or the storm,  lift up your imaginary binoculars, focus  and zoom in on the only one who can meet your need.  Magnify Him, His Unlimited Resources and Ability Alone, with your trust and your expectations NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE, WHAT YOU HEAR OR HOW LONG IT TAKES.  


Your loving, wonderful Father sees YOU right there,  for you are the apple of His eye, He collects your tears, He feels your heart race, He is torn by your pain but MORE THAN ANYTHING  the Great School Master knows that it is only by walking through your trials and taking those tests that you will REALLY, REALLY know Him as Your Perfect Father.   A Father who is Gigantic, a Father who can not only fix cars and toasters and owns the cattle on a thousand hills,  but an Incredible Father that NOTHING IS TOO  BIG OR HARD for Him to do in your life.  A Father who can miraculously restore broken people and broken messes, heal our every disease and supply our giant needs.  I know this, my friend!  I know that it matters not what you are facing or what the voices in your head tell you.  Because without a doubt, the TRUTH alone is ...  HE IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDING ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL THAT YOU or I COULD ASK OR THINK.


I close with this excerpt taken from the song— The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns


Oh what I would do to have the kind of faith it takes to climb out of this boat I’m in onto the crashing waves.  To step out of my comfort zone to the realm of the unknown where Jesus is... And He’s holding out His hand.


But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me… reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed… the waves they keep on telling me time and time again,  Boy, you’ll never win!   “ You’ll never win”…










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