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  C&L Farms and Market

             Farm Fresh Produce


      OPEN 7 Days a Week!

       Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm

             Sunday 10am-4pm

        20290 Palm Beach Blvd.

             Alva, FL 33920

     PYO Strawberries & Tomatoes

U-pick Fields are subject to weather and volume. So  it is best to call before planning your day.

     239-292-6154 Upick Hotline

 NOw Harvesting from our Fields:

Beefsteak Tomatoes 1.99 lb

Sweet Yellow Grape Tomatoes 2.00 pt

Strawberries 4.50 qt.

Cucumbers 2 for 1.00

Kirby Cukes 3 for 1.00

Yellow Squash


Patty Pan Squash

FL Sweet Vidlia Onions

Cabbage .69lb

Collard Greens 4.00 a bundle

Kale 2.00a bundle

Red & White Swiss Chard 3.00

Green Bell Peppers .69ea

Jalapenos 1.99lb

Fresh Cut Herbs 1.00 per bag

   and we are not done yet!


More to come.......Cantaloupes, Watermelons, Blackeye Peas, oKRA, Field peas, Limas, Butterbeans!



                Cash only

Sorry we are unable to accept Credit cards or Checks



       Strawberry Festivale

      March 10th, 2012  9am-1pm


The Alva Garden Club Museum

will hold its annual plant sale, baked goods sale and used book sale

            This Saturday!!!!

March 10th, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on East Pearl Street. The garden club is featuring a Strawberry Festival with homemade

strawberry shortcake made with

strawberries from our fields!!!

Look for us.... we will have 1/2 flats Strawberries (15.00) our Huge FLorida Sweet Vidlia Onions 2.00 ea

Our Strawberry Jam 8oz Jar 5.00

or 16oz Jar 8.00

Made with only the best strawberries from our fields!!!



      And while you are out in Alva stop by our farm!!

 PYO Tomatoes & Strawberries! Try some of our homemade Strawberry Butter & HOmemade Strawberry Salsa!

Regualar & Hot Salsa will be available as well. Made with only theingredients from our fields.


16 oz Homemade Salsa 3.99

         Regular or Hot


Strawberry Salsa 16oz. 3.99

Strawberry Jam & Butter 5.00 8oz





This Week:

Bi-Color & Yellow & White Corn

2 for 1.00

Grape Tomatoes 2.00 a pint

Romaine & Iceburg 1.99ea

Troyer Brother Creamers 1.49lb

Yukon Or Red Chef Potatoes .99lb

Sweet Peppers Red Orange Yellow .99each

Halbenero Peppers 2.00 a pint

Eggplant 2.00 ea

Green BEans 1.99 a bag

Radishes .89

Large Red peppers .99 each

Valencia  2 for 1.00

Murcott Honey Tangerines 3 for 1.00

Red or Pink Grapefruit .69ea



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U-pick availability and harvesting News.






























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