Tru Faces Empowering Women - In Dreams No Woman Wears a Mask

We Are Sharing on our Expression Line!

JOIN ME and other women as we plant the seed for our dreams and goals to bring them to fruition. Share your meaningful experiences, tips, stories and together week by week we will help each other manifest OUR DREAMS.

Mark your calendar for our weekly Expression Line call event:

  • Location: In the comfort of your home
  • Time: 9:15pm -10:15pm EST.
  • Date: Thursday Oct. 6, 2011
    This is a free event that is not charged by Tru Faces Empowering Women.
  • Once you register a email will be sent to you providing you a Dial in number & access code.
  • Email:
  • RSVP: 443-330-2283 or visit the website today at:
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