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8/14/2013 - 8/19/2013
Groomers: earn professional credentials and advance your career while you’re attending the All American and ADGA on Monday!
IPG Written and Practical Exams
Aug15   6-8pm 
Certification: Validate Your Professionalism!
Obtaining certification, regardless of the organization you choose, will stand as a solid credential to prospective clients or employers, assuring them you possess the passion and drive to enhance your knowledge and skill. The process not only enhances the image of your industry, but it will also show that you are much more desirable and qualified to prospective employers or when presenting your business proposal to planning commissions and loan departments. Learn how to study for the exams, what type of dog is necessary, and the dos and do not's! Don’t just think about it; do it!
Aug18   9-10am
Grooming the "First Dog"... Portuguese Water Dog
The Portuguese Water Dog once existed all along Portugal's coast, where it was taught to herd fish into nets, to retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and to act as a courier from ship to ship. There are two "clips" or cuts that are considered acceptable on the PWD: the lion clip and the working clip.
Hayley will introduce you to this wonderful breed and show grooming techniques suitable for the grooming shop, using a combination of snap-on combs, thinning shears and scissors for the retriever trim. The lion trim will also be introduced.
Did Not Get to Test at The All American—
Come to A Day of Practical's!!
Just 15 min Away!
Aug 19-- Monday
A Day of Practical Exams!!!  Written Exams Too!
1742 West Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: (847) 454-7300 or (800)333-9034
Aug 18
American Grooming Academy
Salon Detail Workshop and Certification
with Angela Clark
Sunday August 18, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Angela Clark ICMG will present a workshop covering all topics concerning bathing and drying dogs in a grooming salon. There will also be an introduction to Groomer Certification including benefits to the groomer, requirements and expectations in testing, and how to prepare for certification. *Time 9am to 3pm seminar 3pm to 5pm certification
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